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Extreme Amazon: bushcraft and survival

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Feeling the jungle
A remote jungle experience

7 days/6 nights in Colombia and the deep jungle
Day 1 - Day of arrival

Arrival at the Leticia's airport; hotel check in. Departure by car or minibus to the Huitoto Maloca, where the coca and tobacco rituals can be seen. Back to Leticia and dinner.

Day 2 - San Martin de Amacayacu

Breakfast and departure by boat up the Amazon River and the Amacayacu River to the Ticuna indigenous community of San Martín de Amacayacu. Lunch, a visit to the community, and departure by boat to the Cabimas River. An expedition through the surroundings to find a proper place to prepare the campsite and get some logs to start a fireplace, make some dinner and have a talk about the Jungle.

Day 3 - Jungle traditions and practices

Breakfast and practices on orientation and first aid using plants; a practice with two basic tools: bow and machete. Lunch and time for resting. A search for vegetal food. A search for the chambira fiber (Astrocaryum chambira ). Dinner and night fishing.

Day 4 - Footprints, tracks and animal traps

Bird watching in the morning. Breakfast. Practices of knots and traps. Lunch and time for resting. Pursuit of animal tracks. Night time: Dinner. Canoeing and fishing with an arrow.

Day 5 - Traditional crafts of the Amazon and a contest

Breakfast. Wood sculpture and preparation of cords with chambira and woven with palm leaf. Lunch and time for resting. A contest using a bow and arrows. Back to the campsite for dinner. A night walk.

Day 6 - Puerto Nariño

Breakfast and back to San Martin using canoes and a small motor boat. Lunch and departure by boat to Puerto Nariño; city tour and a visit to the Natütama Museum. Dinner.

Day 7 - Departure day

Breakfast and departure by boat to Leticia. Free time. Transfer to the Leticia's airport. Lunch with a Botanist expert on the Amazon flora.

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