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Surprise party for Anamaría Puerta (Mar/08)

Surprise party at the Ticuna Maloca 1

Surprise party at the Ticuna Maloca 2

Surprise party at the Ticuna Maloca 3

Surprise party at the Ticuna Maloca 4

Surprise party at the Ticuna Maloca 5

The Puerta Family was at the Ticuna community of San Martin de Amacayacu the Good Friday of 2008, after crossing the Javarí, going to Marasha, Puerto Nariño and visiting Tabatinga and other destinies. That day was the 20th birthday for Anamaría, the eldest of the children, eve of the end of her visit to the Amazon, and for the night we prepared a surprise for her.

All along we had said to her that her celebration was going to be very simple with a small cake. We said to her that they would visit San Martin and they would return to Leticia to have dinner and to celebrate the birthday among them. But Friday in the morning we changed the boat, which provoked suspicions; the guide later said that this other was also failing. They arrived behind schedule at San Martin, they visited the community and when they were in the chagra, Jairo arrived and he said to them that the boat was bad, and that the motorist would spend forty minutes in fixing it; Anamaría was disturbed and she was complaining to her friends that called to her to the mobile phone to congratulate her, about the possibility of passing the night in that Ticuna reservation.

The guide Victor Pacaya proposed to visit the maloca to take advantage of the time already, at where they arrived at 6 p.m., getting dark. Within the maloca, even darker, there were fifty people in silence; there were hanged hammocks, four candles with copal burning, and a table with amounts of fruits, snacks, caipirinha and masato. They entered without saying a word, while four women, with typical suit, sang in Ticuna and played little drums. Everybody knew but they had kept the secret; Anamaría did not understand anything until she arrived at the table and she saw a cake with two candles with the number “20”. There she knew that the celebration was for her. She began to smile, and is seems she has not stopped doing it.

We had a great time. Alvaro did not stop to distribute masato between all the presents, taking a sip with each; in the end he danced like a Ticuna. German, on the other hand, served as maitre and distributed food, snacks and cigarettes for all. His wife Margarita monopolized one of the totumas of masato. We had for dinner patarasca (fish roasted in plantain leaf) with fruits, some as exotic as the conillá, similar to the copoazú and sticky like the caimo, but with maracuyá flavor. In short, they were happy. That beautiful smile that illuminated the face of Anamaría… hopefully not extinguishes anymore.

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