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Accion Social challenged by the Amazon – June 1st 2006

A sportive and competitive afternoon in the jungle, this was what the Agencia Presidencial para la Acción Social y la Cooperación Internacional was looking for. Borugo organized the recreational part of their regional meeting in Leticia on the 1st of June 2006.

At midday the group of 40 people arrived at Fuerte Amazonas, a practice area of the Escuela de Lanceros, to challenge each other in four teams. Straight from the beginning the spirit was there; team yells could be heard far away in the jungle. And all teams showed their best, even though they had never tried some of the activities before. All activities found their origin in the daily live of the Indigenous people in the Amazon.

Canoeing through the rainforest in small, unstable wooden canoes is not as easy as it looks like, some people ended up with wet pants. Building a shelter together from palm leaves and wooden sticks encouraged the team spirit and resulted in some new designs. Using the bow and arrow and also cerbatanas gave the team members a good understanding of the patience and practice needed to catch your own food in the jungle, and so did the track finding activity.

At the end of the afternoon the participants could ease a little and use their creative talents, by making handicrafts with seeds and chambira and creating sculptures of local characters like Curupira, Yacuruna, Mapinguaré and Natütama. Spirit and results were rewarded with some nice prices.

Borugo thanks the guides, the army and the people of Mocagua and Ronda for their professional assistance and the people of Acción Social for their great enthusiasm.

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