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The bamba and the Curupira (2010)

La bamba y el Curupira

The flips or edges that can be seen coming out of the trunk are called the “bambas” and are a strategy that many Amazonian trees use to support themselves because their roots are not very deep. Between them they make a resonance box that increases the sound when the “bamba” is beaten, in a way that can be heard from long distances in the “silence” of the jungle.

When someone is lost, he or she can hit the “bamba” and remain in that spot until an answer is received. When someone hears the beatings, it is his duty to search for the origin of the sound, because someone needs help. He hits at his time a “bamba” to let the person who is lost know that he will come and find him.

The Curupira (Madremonte, the Yeti or the Sasquatch of the Amazon) is a semi-human being that protects the jungle of predators.

When someone releases its greed against the jungle, as in the case of a hunter that kills more than he needs, the Curupira hits the “bamba”. The hunter, following the rule, looks up for the sound. Then the Curupira hits another “bamba” and the hunter changes his route. And this happens many times until the hunter finds himself lost.

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