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The House of the Jungle "Yeégune" in Mocagua (May/09)

The House of the Jungle

Bartolome Moran - Ticuna from Mocagua

Teresa, Bartolo's wife

Sandra y Johana going to the House of the Jungle

Bartolomé's introduction
(Spanish, English subtitles, 3:30 min., wmv, 21 MB)

Mocagua is a community of the Ticuna ethnic group, in the Amazon river and limits with the National Park Amacayacu. With a population of more than 500 inhabitants, its economy is based on agriculture and fishing. Tourism has acquired importance as source of income in recent years.

They have preserved many of their indigenous beliefs. They have also preserved intact their knowledge of the jungle.

Bartolomé Morán, son of the deceased shaman of the same name, has constructed the new House of the Jungle “Yeégune”, whose name means “enchanted house”.

Up the Mata-matá creek a little more than one hour by boat from the Amazon, is this magical destination, where their proprietors are ready to take care of the visitors.

The objectives that have drawn up Bartolo are the following:

•  To offer tourism opportunities simultaneously to obtain financial resources, for the improvement of life of the community;

•  To increase the infrastructure and to improve the development of tourism;

•  To recall the ancestral patrimony by means of visits guided by children, young people and adults;

•  To illustrate to the tourist on the beliefs of the Ticuna ethnic group.

Borugo had the opportunity to take the first tourists in lodging in this house, in May of 2009.

Sandra and Johana walked around, sailed at night in canoe, ate patarasca and pintadillo cat fish and, mainly, they laughed a lot.

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