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Supporting San Martín de Amacayacu (May/07)

Ticuna handcrafters

Ticuna handcrafters

Ticuna handcrafters

San Martin is a community of the Ticuna ethnic group. They live at the edge of the Amacayacu River, a tributary of the Amazon River. The river provides a landmark on the western aspect of the Amacayacu National Natural Park. The community was founded in 1972; it has 500 inhabitants. Its economy is based on agriculture and fishing. Handcrafts and tourism have acquired a salient importance as sources of income in recent years.

They have preserved many of their indigenous beliefs. They speak amongst themselves in their own native language which they have strived to pass on to their children. They have also preserved intact their knowledge of the jungle.

From a fibre derived from the Chambira palm tree (Astrocaryum chambira), the women craft amongst others, bracelets, necklaces and handbags; men craft the cortex of the Yanchama tree (Ficus maxima) and use the wood from Palosangre (Brosium rubences) for sculpting.

Together with the support of the ‘Curaca’ (political chief), and the help of all those involved in handcrafting and of the community in general, Borugo contributed towards finishing the construction of the Nguregüne Handcraft House, which had been suspended two years ago, and which today houses the handcrafts for display and sale.

The House was inaugurated with a party which included numerous dances in traditional dresses.

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